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Domain Sale

From expired or unrealized projects domains are offered here for takeover, which are currently privately owned. You can place a bid for the following domain packages. We ask for serious bids only. You can find more detailed terms and conditions at the bottom of this page.

for sale from private

Domain     Price NB    7.500€ NB  6.500€ NB  6.500€ NB  2.500€
Package NB    5.400€ NB  900€ NB  900€ NB  900€ NB  900€ NB  900€ NB  900€ NB  12.500€
Package NB    4.500€        750€        750€        750€        750€        750€        750€
Package NB    1.000€ NB  500€ NB  500€
Package NB  7.000€ NB  3.500€ NB  3.500€ NB  900€


A domain is a so-called ideal good. When selling a domain, it is actually about the transfer of ownership of rights (so only the rights to the domain name are transferred). The domains offered here are offered for sale against bid. The bidding phase initially runs indefinitely. As soon as a bid is received for a package that satisfy our expectations, the bidder wins the bid. We reserve the right to choose freely the bidder who wins the contract.


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